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Frequently Asked Questions

Do IPI and IPISLC only provide Object Relations-oriented training and therapy?
IPISLC, like IPI, is solidly grounded in an Object Relations approach. However, we strive to maintain a stance of openness and active interest in new developments in the field, and in integrating them into our existing paradigms. In this spirit, training offerings in the past have included numerous presenters who do not hail from an Object Relations background, but who have made important contributions to psychotherapy - whatever their orientation.

What is Object Relations therapy?
Follow this link to learn more about this kind of therapy: What is Object Relations Therapy?

Who can participate in IPI's and IPI SLC's training programs?
We encourage anyone who is interested in the art and science of psychotherapy to participate in IPI's and IPISLC's programs. We design our programs so that some will be appropriate for individuals who are just beginning, and others will be more suited for clinicians with advanced experience and familiarity with psychodynamic theory and technique. If you have questions about which program or event would be appropriate for you, please contact us.

Do I have to pay for the program all at once?
IPISLC is willing to accept partial payments for many of the programs we offer. If you would like to establish a payment plan, please contact Becky Bailey, PhD at baileybecky@qwestoffice.net or 801-521-6234.

Do you give discounts to students?
Yes. At IPISLC, we offer a 50% discount on all of our training programs to full-time students in a graduate or undergraduate program in a field related to psychotherapy. Proof of enrollment is required. For more information, please contact Becky Bailey, PhD at baileybecky@qwestoffice.net or 801-521-6234.

What kind of organizations are IPI and IPISLC?
IPI and IPISLC are nonprofit corporations devoted to providing quality training in the theory and practice of psychotherapy. IPISLC is registered as a nonprofit corporation in Utah, and is an Affiliate of IPI.