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Master Speaker Videoconference Seminar

The Use of the Object

Co-chairs: David Scharff, MD & Janine Wanlass, Ph.D.

2017-2018 Series


Beginning in September, the 2017-2018 Master Speaker Series will focus on The Use of the Object, and will feature live presentations by IPI faculty and guest presenters, discussion, case presentations, and advance readings distributed before each session. The course meets one Friday per month for 9 months (September-May). IPI SLC offers two options for attending the Master Speaker videoconferences. First, participants can attend the videoconference with other attendees on the Westminster College campus. These sessions meet for three hours: a two hour lecture and case presentation (via videoconference) with the visiting speaker, and a one hour large group discussion, which offers a chance to integrate theoretical and clinical ideas with group members' personal and clinical experience. To ensure a seat and to receive readings, be sure to register in advance. 

The second option is to participate only in the two-hour videoconference from your home computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. For this option, participants can join the videoconference easily by downloading a free program and clicking on a simple link. Contact IPI's national office at info@theipi.org for further information on participating online.

For both options, participants may register for single sessions, or for the full series of nine.

CONTINUING EDUCATION: In-person option: 27 CE credits (3 credits per session); Online option: 18 CE credits (2 credits per session)

Jewett (Performing Arts Building) 200, Westminster College

Unless otherwise indicated, all readings will be distributed to enrolled participants in advance


The Master Speaker Series can be taken in its entirety (9 3-hour sessions from 7:00-10:15 am, $450) or in part (one or more sessions, $55/session). You may register through our Online Registration page, or by downloading the 2016-2017 Registration form from our Downloads Page and mailing it to: IPISLC, 699 E. South Temple, #202, Salt Lake City, Utah 84102.

Series in its entirety (9 2-hour sessions from 7:00-9:00 am, $405) or in part (one or more sessions, $45/session). To register, please visit IPI's national website.

For additional information, contact Becky Bailey, PhD at baileybecky00@gmail.com or 801-521-6234. Contact IPISLC at ipislc@comcast.net for more information on any of our programs, including objectives, target audience, instructional level of the activity, schedule, cost, refund/cancellation policy, instructor credentials and CE credit.

IPISLC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, age, gender, sexual preference or physical handicap.

IN-PERSON OPTION: All sessions 7:00-10:15 am.

ONLINE OPTION: All sessions 7:00-9:00 am.


September 8, 2017: David Scharff, MD
Living Through Objects

October 13, 2017: Juan Tubert-Oklander, MD
On the Human Being's Essential Social Nature

November 3, 2017: Charles Ashbach, PhD
The Reversible Perspective: Who the Object - Who the Subject?

December 8, 2016: James Poulton, PhD
What Does the Other (in Our Patients' Lives) Have to Do With It?

January 12, 2018: Ron Aviram, PhD
Can an Ingroup be an Internal Object: Explorations of the Social Object Representation Concept

February 9, 2018: Carl Bagnini, CSW, BCD
Dreaming Up, Re-Finding, and Grieving Lost Objects: A Case Study

March 9, 2018: Jill Scharff, MD
The Internal Object in Self and Other

April 6, 2018: Caroline Sehon, MD
Illuminating the Shadows of the Object World

May 11, 2018: Nancy Bakalar, MD
A Mosaic of Objects in the Therapeutic Field