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At IPISLC, experienced faculty provide Object Relations oriented individual and group supervision to mental health professionals throughout the state and region. Our faculty supervisors have expertise in a wide range of practice areas, and are available to provide supervision for clinicians at any skill level.

Supervision can be arranged with either local IPISLC faculty, or national IPI faculty. Supervision with national faculty is typically done either by telephone or by videoconference. Currently, one group in SLC is being supervised via videoconference by David Scharff, MD, and groups with other national IPI faculty are possible.

Supervision with local IPISLC faculty is available in person or by telephone.

Reduced-fee for supervision: Many of our faculty reserve some supervision hours for reduce-fee supervision on a needs-based sliding scale rate. If you require a reduced fee, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

For information about individual, group, or reduced-fee supervision, from either IPI or IPISLC faculty, please contact Jim Poulton, PhD at 801-350-0117 or jlpoulton@mac.com.