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About IPI and IPI SLC

International Psychotherapy Institute (IPI)

IPI, formerly the International Institute of Object Relations Theory (IIORT), was founded in 1995, under the direction of Drs. Jill and David Scharff. IPI is a non-profit organization based in Chevy Chase, Maryland, with affiliated programs throughout the United States and in Panama City, Panama. IPI offers international training programs in Object Relations child and adult psychotherapy (individual, couple and family), infant observation, and psychoanalysis. IPI programs bring trainees from diverse geographic locations together through weekend conferences, week-long institutes, and videoconference seminars. IPI's current director is Dr. David Scharff, and Dr. Geoffrey Anderson is Director-Elect. For further information, visit www.theipi.org, or call IPI’s Administrator, Anna Innes, at 301-215-7377.

Salt Lake Affiliate of the IPI (IPISLC)

The Salt Lake City Affiliate of IPI is one of its most active. For the past ten years, IPISLC has been providing supervision, conferences, seminars and ongoing training programs to a growing community of professionals interested in psychodynamic theory and therapy. IPISLC faculty are active members of the larger IPI community, and all are graduates of IPI’s national programs and are current IPI fellows or faculty. Recently, IPISLC has established a partnership with Westminster College that will enrich IPISLC’s programming in future years.