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IPI Faculty and Staff

James L. Poulton, PhD
Steve Morris, PhD

Director of Training
Becky Bailey, PhD

Karl Seashore, LPC

Becky Bailey, PhD

Training Faculty
James L. Poulton, PhD
Colleen Sandor, PhD
Janine Wanlass, PhD

Clinical Faculty
Becky Bailey, PhD
Annette Ephroni, APRN
Mara Ashby, LCSW
Stephen Morris, PhD
Audrey Rice, LPC
Karl Seashore, LPC

Emeritus Faculty
Paula Swaner, PhD

Advisory Board
Bruce Jacobson, PhD
Ruth Manville, LCSW
Christine Norman, LCSW
Jane Blackwell, PhD
Penny Jameson, PhD
Merritt Stites, PhD