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NOTE: If you are a student or a member of a non-profit agency and wish to register for a conference online with PayPal, please email Becky Bailey at baileybecky00@gmail.com to obtain login instructions. Then login below.

Online Payment

You can now pay for any IPISLC program or conference with your credit card or PayPal account. Simply click on one or more of the buttons below and you will be taken to a payment page where you can select your form of payment.

If you don't have a PayPal account, you can still use your credit card to pay. Click on the button(s) below and you'll be taken to a PayPal page. Look for a line that says: Don't have a PayPal account? Pay with your debit or credit card as a PayPal guest. Click on 'Continue' and you'll be able to pay using just your credit card.

Use these buttons for both registration and payment of your IPISLC fees: If you use these buttons, you do not need to register separately. If you would like to register by mail and pay with a check, download and print the '2016-2017 Registration' form listed on our Downloads Page and follow the instructions for mailing.

Because IPISLC incurs a bank processing charge for credit card or PayPal payments, a 2.9% fee is added to the price of each program.

Student Discounts: Some of IPISLC's programs offer student discounts. See our website pages for detailed information. If a program below does not have a payment button for student discounts, please contact Becky Bailey, PhD at baileybecky00@gmail.com or 801-521-6234.


Combined Registration

IPI SLC is offering a discount for participants who register for both events being held on February 22 at Westminster College: the 7:00 a.m. Master Speaker Videoconference on Trauma, Hate, and Vengeance (with Charles Ashbach), and the 9:30 a.m. "I've got you under my skin" conference with Christine Anzieu-Premmereur. Separately the two events would cost a total of $205, but the discounted price for BOTH events is just $175 (plus 2.9%, see above). To take advantage of this offer, use the "Combined Registration button below.

Discount price for the combined events: $175 + $5.07 = $180.07 




Master Speaker Videoconference Seminar (Beginning Sept 21, 2018)

Complete Series: $450 + $13.05 = $463.05 


Individual Seminars: Use the dropdown menu below to select which individual seminar you would like to attend: $55 + $1.59 = $56.59



Foundations of Psychoanalytic Couple Therapy (Beginning Sept 6, 2018)


For more information, and to register for this seminar series, visit this page at our national organization's (IPI's) website.


Workshops, Conferences, and Seminars

I've Got You Under My Skin: Psychosomatic Theory and Treatment - with Christine Anzieu-Premmereur, MD, PhD (February 22, 2019)

Late Registration Fee (after February 15, 2019) for I've Got You Under My Skin $175 + 5.08 = $180.08